Lansing  1978

In July 1974, we first played music together. in Ann Arbor, MI, in the living room of my small apartment on Church Street, ½ a block down from the Brown Jug Restaurant, where we both worked. Two days later we performed at The Ark ‘s open mic….. and they invited us back…….and off we went!

And now, we are entering our 40th year of making music. Kind of……well, it does give you pause…gives ME pause, at least. It doesn’t SEEM that long ago…….

But here we..and glad of it! And so glad to still be doing music that is meaningful to us…and you!

The BIG news…we have finished out new CD. It is called A Good Place To Be, and will be available the last week of July. There will be directions for ordering soon on our web site. We think it is REALLY a great recording! Wonderful players, songs, stories, singers……many songs that people have been asking for. I have put two of them up on our player which you can download for free: A Good Place To Be, and A Reminder…just to give you a little flavor of what’s to come!!

This message will be brief..more news, I hope, next time! We have shows with Peter Yarrow this weekend: in Columbus, OH this Friday and Cleveland on Saturday
beautiful venues, and it is with…Peter Yarrow- doesn’t get much better than this!

….then we are off to the amazing New Bedford Folk Festival on July 6 & 7

Spectacular line up…as usual…really , one of THE finest folk festivals anywhere…..and the setting …old town New Bedford..can’t be beat either.

July 26th..a concert at the Ark in Ann Arbor
July 27th..we will be headlining the Flint Folk Festival: we will be opening, and closing, the festival that day…what an honor!!!!!

More details on all at
and Facebook
OK- gotta run!! Lots to do before hitting the road. And thanks!

David…and Michael