Make Your Own Luck (2018) – $10.00

Co-produced by David Barrett, this brand new recording is filled with an exciting batch of original songs and guest performances by David Barrett, Jim Bizer, Annie & Rod Capps, Danny Cox, Alan Finkbeiner, Drew Howard, Cindy Klein, Danny Kolton, Jan Krist, Bob Lizik, David Mosher and Jon Pousette-Dart
1. I’m Gonna Walk it With You
2. Merry Meet
3. Make Your Own Luck
4. Whisper of the Stars
5. From Short Beach to Long Beach
6. Falling Out of Love
7. Part of Me Remembers
8. A Spell for Creation
9. It’s Got Teeth
10. Take the Children and Run
11. My Daddy Ain’t My Daddy Anymore
12. Root and Rain
13. A Gathering of Spirits 3:28

Gathering of Moments II (2015) – $10.00

Classic  unreleased recordings by Mustard’s Retreat, as well as little gems that did not find a place on the  last couple Mustard’s Retreat CDs, David has pulled together some magical performances including long time fan favorites “Circle of the Sun”, “Take Yourself Easy”, “I Only Want to Be With You”, and a new version of “Simple Faith”, recorded live with The Yellow Room Gang

The Yellow Room Gang – Decade (2014) – $10.00

The 4th recording from The Yellow Room Gang!! Includes Mustard’s Retreat songs “Arnold’s Praise”, “Barbecue”, “Winter of 14”, “I Guess This Day Is Done”
“cast in the glow of creative generosity and animated by first-rate songwriting ranging from heartfelt ballads to humorous ditties.” Robert Reid, The Record

A Good Place to Be (2013) – $10.00

Featuring songs and stories folks have been asking for including “A Good Place to Be”, “A Reminder”, “The Night that I Danced With Marie” and “Never Will”.

Living in the Dream (2011) – $10.00

Featuring songs and stories folks have been asking for including “A Good Place to Be”, “A Reminder”, “The Night that I Danced With Marie” and “Never Will”.

Live at Big Sky – Yellow Room Gang (2011) – $10.00

This exciting Yellow Room Gang CD, was recorded in front of a small live audience at Big Sky Recording studio in Ann Arbor over two consecutive nights. The end result is a live CD that embodies the true spirit of a Yellow Room Gang show with some brand new songs and old favorites redone.

Happy New Day – The Yellow Room Gang, Vol. 2 (2008) – $10.00

Another compilation from this unique group of Michigan songwriters. With a multi-seasonal theme, and more “gang” participation on the individual recordings, this batch of tunes is an even better glimpse into the community and friendship that has evolved over the past 5 years. “Production is first-rate throughout…..A splendid showcase for a group of exceptional songwriters.” – Dirty Linen

With Relish (2008) – $10.00

More live recordings“..a treasure trove of vintage tracks…infectious, exuberant..” – Ann Arbor News

There… And Back Again (2007) – $10.00

Snapshots from life on the road
“I just LOVE the cd!!” – Kate McNally, New Hampshire Public Radio
“In the ‘knock your socks’ off department” -Bill Hahn, WFDU, Teaneck, NJ

The Yellow Room Gang (2006) – $10.00

“It’s fresh, thoughtful, lively and fun..and the performances are all outstanding. Many compilations fall flat, but not this one.” – Sing Out!

MR7 (2005) – $10.00

“What a pleasure..rings with exquisite lyric and melody..brilliantly crafted songs” – Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
“I have heard the song. Simple Faith, and think its wonderful……It’s a fine album. Congratulations.” – Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary
Read the latest album review!

A Gathering of Moments (2005) – $10.00

“These fellas endeavor to let the music stand for itself in a fashion only boldly undertaken by veteran songwriters. Tamulevich’s tone is the voice of a generation — not condescending, just rich with humble wisdom and simple truths.”  –
“a bountiful creative harvest….It surprising that some of these offerings were left unrecorded until now.” – Kevin’s Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews”

A Resolution of Something (2003) – $10.00

“The new songs of A Resolution of Something demonstrate their mastery of the skills of their trade, both as performers and songwriters.” – Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
“File this album under American Folk at its best – no second thoughts, at its very best.” – The Greenman Review

5 Miles or 50,000 Years (1994) – $10.00

“Live and at their quirkiest. An eclectic collection of slice-of-life songs, twisted tunes, ballads, and a children’s story. The full spectrum of what Mustard’s Retreat has to offer.” – Kevin McCarthy, Kevin’s Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews
“If you were to buy a release by Mustard’s Retreat, this may be the one, since it highlights their strength: live performance… Whether you’re a folk purist or more of a pop-music fan, ANY Mustard’s Retreat release will have something for you, but this one is still probably their all-around best!” – Customer Review,

The Wind and the Crickets (1997) – $10.00

A coffee house and festival favorite with two of Mustard’s Retreat’s most requested songs: “Gather the Family” (a capella) and “Let’s Hear it for the Volunteers”.
“Achieves landmark status… Insightful and intricate… exquisite harmonies.” – SingOut! Magazine

The First Album Plus (1979-2005) – $10.00

” ..a splendid album..terrific….if I had listened to it when it first came out, you would have been on the First Roots of American Music Festival.” – Spike Barkin, Lincoln Center
“Truly this is a great album… and a ‘must buy'” – The Green Man Review

Back to Back (1987) – $10.00

Comprised of Home by the Morning (1984) and Midwinter’s Night (1987)Midwinter’s Night nominated for Best Folk Album of the Year (1987), National Association of Independent Record Producers
“An exceptional album. Tender, intelligent, moving, fresh, and eclective.” – The Ann Arbor News
“If there were a specific formula for creating a successful album, this one would have to be a textbook example!”
– SingOut! Magazine
“Excellent… Amazed at their poetry and storytelling ability… Has more of the magic that made the last (album) so special, and that was a hard act to follow.” – Canadian River Music

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