Passion Flowers 9_2013Just a few hours until it is October. I think, for me, September was the fastest month on record! It is a trend I hope does not continue, though I have my doubts. Actually, we had a couple weeks off from touring, and it gave me a chance to make some headway with all that has piled up over the Summer. I was able to bring a small bit of order to my garden and yard, while enjoying the fruits of all the Spring work I did: raspberries, tomatoes, broccoli and brussel sprouts, onions, potatoes :-)…and bitter sweet and Chinese lanterns, which have always been favorites of mine.

Getting ready for the first frost here in Ann Arbor, though Michael 30 miles west in Grass Lake has had to scrape his windshield in the morning a couple of times! I have a two cold frames now, with spinach, radishes, lettuce, carrots: exciting to see how long I can have fresh vegetables and how early I can get them in the Spring! Continue reading

GP2B_Final_CoverWe are anxiously anticipating our shows next weekend: The Ark on Fri. July 26th, and the Flint Folk Festival Saturday July 27th, where we are being given the distinct honor of closing AND opening the festival…playing full sets of music at 2 PM and again at 8 PM.

Both the Ark and, well, anything we do in Flint :), are always special for us, and this year will mark, almost to the day, the beginning of our 40th year of making music together. Seems…..amazing to us. We got together to play guitar and sing one July afternoon in my apartment down the block from the Brown Jug Restaurant in Ann Arbor, where we were both cooks. It just had a certain…energy. Can’’t really describe it, but we just really enjoyed doing music together: the sound was good and we liked each others songs…we had a lot in common. We were so excited that 2 days later we went to The Ark’s open mike, where we performed the three songs we had practiced. We went over so well that they invited us back 2 weeks later to do a full 45 minute set at the Ark’s First Invitational Hoot!  And we’ve been playing ever since.

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