How nice!!!!  Libby & I just had an amazing time last Monday night when we appeared on Rolling Hills Radio in Jamestown NY: what a fine show, venue, audience…community!  There is really something special going on here, and it was so nice to be part of it!  The entire show will be up on a podcast…soon….and then the full video will be posted a little while after that.  For now, here is a performance of our song Root & Rain.

We were honored to be interviewed by Michigan Radio’s Cynthia Canty on her Stateside show. If you missed it, you can listen here!

I just found this new video on Youtube that was taken of us earlier this month at the New Bedford Folk Festival….sining ” The Thimble Island Ghost”. a song Michael Hough and I wrote. The Thimble Island are in my home town of Branford CT..and you can take a boat tour around them and hear the many stories about them. It make for a beautiful afternoon trip….just a couple miles off I-95. ( No, we get no kick back on this!!!! 🙂 It is just one of those little gems of a place to see you might never know about…..and its my hometown 🙂

Make Your Own Luck is available now!!

Click Album Cover to buy now!

Read this great review from Pulp (Arts Around Ann Arbor) 
by Bob Needham (freelance writer and former arts & entertainment editor of The Ann Arbor News and

Mustard’s Retreat comes full circle with a new album, new shows, and a return to a trio

Over more than 40 years making music together, Mustard’s Retreat has established a reputation around the region as a talented and entertaining folk duo — two guys and two guitars.
However, the group actually started out as a trio — and for a new album and current concerts, original member Libby Glover has rejoined David Tamulevich and Michael Hough. Her presence brings a whole new dimension to the Mustard’s Retreat sound, yet the transition sounds just like it feels — perfectly natural. Continue reading

So there is this little slice of wonder in Plymouth, IN called the Wild Rose Moon. We just did 2 wonderful shows there: a Friday night concert….and then this radio show on Saturday morning…that is going to be broadcast on WVPE on Monday night. The location is great, the community even better :-)….and the show ..really…you just need to hear it. Grand fun was had by all. We were the featured guests 🙂 Cant wait to get back there!!!

We’re thrilled to announce the our new CD is available for Pre-order! This recording is the first with the whole trio featuring Libby Glover and we couldn’t be more proud of the songs and production. 
“Make Your Own Luck” came together organically: Michael had begun recording to get good versions down of his new songs and old favorites. The group had released a song in March 2017 about the Flint Water Crisis called Take the Children and Run. Soon after, David recorded a new song of his called The Whisper of the Stars, loosely based on his family’s stories from Lithuania, with award winning songwriter/producer David Barrett (also of The Yellow Room Gang). It became clear by Summer 2017 that a CD was coming together.
Featuring the trio with Libby Glover on every song along with special guest appearances by David Barrett, Jim Bizer, Annie & Rod Capps, Danny Cox, Alan Finkbeiner, Drew Howard, Cindy Klein, Danny Kolton, Jan Krist, Bob Lizik, David Mosher and Jon Pousette-Dart. David Barrett also produced many of the songs. 
We expect to have them in our hands before the end of the month. And be sure to mark your calendar for July 26th when we’ll be celebrating the release at The Ark in Ann Arbor. 
CLICK the album cover or right here.

“Following avid applause, Tamulevich tells the crowd, “Since 1975, we have done over 6,000 shows.” Explaining that the group doesn’t perform folk music for fame or fortune but, rather, for the opportunity to connect with their audiences, looking out over the crowd Tamulevich declares, “This is our community of choice!”” Click the photo or the link below to read the entire review!

Hello everyone! Greeting from the snow belt in Ann Arbor MI. A nice time to not have to be driving 300 miles..or even 30,,,for a show. A day for shoveling, and perusing seed catalogs…and working towards the new CD. There is A LOT happening on that front, all very exciting..time consuming…but making serious progress….don’t know if we will have it out for April….but definitely by June…and it will be worth the wait. A lot of great new songs that have taken 5?? years to write or gather..which is typical for us…but we feel “ it takes time to make a quality brew”. 🙂
Please check out our tour schedule. We are very excited about where we are going and the shows we are doing this year…and that Libby is going to make most if the trips with us. And…3 times going to the UP ( Upper Peninsula of Michigan)..April, July and August….that is pretty much heaven!
Hoping we get to see you soon. Stay warm , stay well….and best wishes….
This photo was taken by Jim Holmes at the amazing Pemberville Opera House in Pemberville OH last Fall…great little town….a stunning restored opera house with tremendous acoustics..Beeker’s General Store is a must…it has been in operation since the late 1800s…really a blast from the past worth seeing!!

It has been a long time since I have updated this. Sorry, but life has been what it has been: ups, downs, we all are.
Mustard’s Retreat has been doing a lot of shows, as many of you know….( and I would urge to to sign up for our mailing list, and check us out on Facebook for the most up to date info). We are just back from a northern Michigan tour with The Yellow Room Gang that was just tremendous: getting ” Up North” in MI always a…wonder…a blessing..and the UP ( Upper Peninsula) is like nothing else…really the spiritual heart of Michigan.
We have some exciting festivals coming up: The Flint Folk Festival on July 22, Harsen’s Island Festival on July 22, Thumbfest on Sept 2 in Lexington, MI…more info on our calendar page.
And, slowly but surely we are moving towards a new recording. This will be the first official recording that includes Libby Glover..who did some vocals on a few memorable tracks on our first couple of recordings..but has never done an entire album with us. It is VERY exciting for us to have her back singing with us after all her travels! The new CD will have some spectacular songs 🙂
So come see us play! We love hearing from you. And I will try to update this page more often!! David

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