Last weekend’s Flint Folk Festival was a moment to remember. The pavilion filled quickly for Hayley Reardon’s set. Just out of hight school (!), Hayley is already a seasoned professional: self assured on stage…the crowd loved her.
Then Don White and Christine Lavin performed :-) Hilarious, quirky, poignant…3 standing ovations throughout their a standing ovation when it was over!!!!!! There is really nothing else like them out there.
It was great to see and hear former Flintite Dan Hall again. He is doing amazing, and important, work: writing songs with kids in schools. He has a series of recordings in the works featuring them…can’t wait…I expect they will win awards.
James Taylor’s sister Kate was next. What joy she had as she performed! :-) which is really what its all about…where you are and what you bring to the stage…and she brought it all.

Then Mustard’s Retreat took the stage. Really, what can I say?? We love this festival and the people of Flint. Their energy just lifted us to a higher place. And then, for the 2nd half of our set we were joined by our former singing partner, Libby Glover. Really, it seemed, and sounded, like old times…just thrilling for us, and judging from the audience, for them.
And…during the whole set, Peter Yarrow was in the audience watching :-) At one point towards the end of the set, Libby acknowledged him being there, and gave him a warm welcome to her home town…..the crowd went wild :-) And then, Peter joined us on stage to sing Simple Faith. Really, I am trying to describe the indescribable. It was a bucket list moment if ever there was one…the 3 of us, and Peter Yarrow, on stage in Flint….AND….performing at THIS festival….for this audience, which is like family to us.
Then Peter took the audience on that journey he does so well: sing alongs, laughing and joking, and sincerely profound moments that opened doors and perceptions and inspired everyone. Peter is truly a living legend; a master craftsman and so much more He then invited Michael, Libby and I up to sing If I Had A Hammer, and Blowing in the Wind….what more can I say??? I am just so grateful to have had these moments.
Thanks to all the volunteers at the Flint Folk Music Society: you are were truly pros that day!!! And all your efforts for all these years is what made this day possible. They are a great group, and have a great concert series: Michael and I are doing a concert for them on Dec.5. Check them out at
Thanks for stopping by our web site and reading this…..all the best to you! David

A very nice article by Robert Reid of the Waterloo Region Record in advance of our 2/14 2015 show in Kitchener, ON!!

“Few individuals have done more for acoustic music in the last 40 years than David Tamulevich.

I know this is a large claim for a person most people don’t recognize. But hear me out.

Tamulevich has been performing with Michael Hough since 1974, when the two students met in the Michigan university town of Ann Arbor. A year later they formed Mustard’s Retreat.

They debut at Folk Night at the Registry on Saturday.

Although this is the first time the folk duo is appearing at the popular acoustic series, it is not the first time Tamulevich worked with series artistic director Jack Cole.”  Read more…

Ta the home of Louise & Tom Pease, WI, March 2013 I sit here on Solstice night,…..thinking about the celebrations that are going around all around the this very moment…from the smallest, personal rituals to great bonfires blazing with light and voices ringing out in song…and how humanity has taken this moment to pause and reflect, acknowledge and honor ourselves and this world we share, ..for so many thousands of years. I love feeling, and being a part of that chain of life. Blessings of the season to you all!! :-)
And as I am contemplating all of this, in comes this link from fellow singer/songwriter Dan Berggren….a wonderful and celebrated poem, and the lyrics Michael and I put together a number of year ago. Synchronicity :-)

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