It has been a long time since I have updated this. Sorry, but life has been what it has been: ups, downs, we all are.
Mustard’s Retreat has been doing a lot of shows, as many of you know….( and I would urge to to sign up for our mailing list, and check us out on Facebook for the most up to date info). We are just back from a northern Michigan tour with The Yellow Room Gang that was just tremendous: getting ” Up North” in MI always a…wonder…a blessing..and the UP ( Upper Peninsula) is like nothing else…really the spiritual heart of Michigan.
We have some exciting festivals coming up: The Flint Folk Festival on July 22, Harsen’s Island Festival on July 22, Thumbfest on Sept 2 in Lexington, MI…more info on our calendar page.
And, slowly but surely we are moving towards a new recording. This will be the first official recording that includes Libby Glover..who did some vocals on a few memorable tracks on our first couple of recordings..but has never done an entire album with us. It is VERY exciting for us to have her back singing with us after all her travels! The new CD will have some spectacular songs 🙂
So come see us play! We love hearing from you. And I will try to update this page more often!! David

Most of you know of our abiding love and connection with Flint MI. This song and video are among the things we are doing to try and help: maybe if enough people share it will get the politicians to do their jobs. Thank you.

Download the song for free!
Right Click (PC) or Ctrl Click (Mac) on link below.
Take The Children and Run

This was taken at The Ark in February 2016. Featuring Libby Glover!

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